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"People say to musicians: "Oh it looks like you are having so much fun up there on stage performing, you're so lucky!!" Yeah, we are having fun. But it was not luck. We earned the right to have that fun by working our asses off. -


A few pics of Mark and associates...

Mark at the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce Bash at the Fine Arts Center

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Kacy Ross, Billy McConnell, Mark - Rich Rags at Buffalo Roadhouse, Tampa

Rich Rags at Tampa Theatre

Nancy belting one out

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The Grownups


Bearded Mark on a spinet
Clearwater Hotel, Clearwater Beach 2001

Playing with Bradley Brown at the Innsider Pub in Dunedin 2010

Clearwater Chorus Performance 2012

Mark and John (JC) at Dunedin Brewery
John and Mark celebrate the "Elevator" release

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