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New (Old) Digital EP Rerelease

Indie Artist Mark Scott's four-song 12" 33rmp EP was released 30 years ago. It was called The Grown-ups by The Grown-ups, for lack of a better name. (At the time Mark did not particularly want it to be the "Mark Scott Band".) The players who helped on this album were mostly former band mates rallying around his songs. "The Grown-ups" in fact never performed under this moniker, it was a song by Rich Rags borrowed with tounge-in-cheek respect.

THE GROWN-UPS now on CDBaby!

The Grown-ups may eventually be ordered in "hard copy", but currently it is exclusively a digital download at CD Baby. It is reasonably priced, and we hope you will enjoy it. Any revenue generated from sales of this release will be applied to the next project, coming later in 2017 - tentatively titled Escalator. Or that is the name so far. This one will have singing throughout, and will encompass multiple genres. Variety = Spice of Life.

Soon there may be a page here for each song, or perhaps more about them on this page. We also may display images of the original album artwork, created by Jeff Levy. We did our best to reproduce all pertinent information on the new artwork accompanying this release. That was tastefully done by Johnny C. Also, if you would like, those who have purchased the digital download (in MP3 form) will be directed to a page were they can download all five songs as full WAV files. Email us if this interests you.

Thanks are due to other contributers in the songs, namely Don Martin and Ray Stricsek joining me on saxophones for the refrain in "Another Night".

Hobo Joe

"The Grown-ups" contains one song not on the original release. It was recorded in 1992 in Downtown Clearwater as part of a Rich Rags "reunion" session. Hobo Joe predates the others, (ca 1977) and was written to be the theme song for a children's show of the same name. It had been rumored that Wild, Wild West's, and later Black Sheep Squadron's Robert Conrad was one of the backers. Once the song was written and accepted, I met the producer and we had an opportunity to perform the song for him at one of our gigs - he was hooked! For a while it looked like a break, but funding ultimately fell through - the show was cancelled. Damn! I was so hoping to meet "Bob".

The song itself is "quaint", very much not rock and roll, and I later was chided for it by my Rich Rags bandmates (mostly Kacy - I'll see if I can dig up that caricature he did of me). But they were kind enough to let me use some of our studio time to lay down this cute track.

Thanks to the whole crew for doing finger snaps throughout "Hobo Joe", including Lee Steel, JD, Jeff, Nancy, John and myself. That's tiring work! And thanks to our children for the screams of joy at the beginning. It was fun having them participate.

The Guitarists

The guitar work on this album is worth the price of admission, as they say. John (JD) Donniacuo played first lead on "Another Night" and Gerry (GW) Rose played splendidly in "Trial and Error", "Another Night" and "Who Ya Got Comin'?". Both of these talented men are no longer with us I am sorry to say, but I'm sure they would approve of this project - and in it they live on. We are dedicating this album to them.

John Donniacuo in the studio

Also worth mentioning, the lead guitar in "Hobo Joe" is played by the very talented Kacy Ross. His contribution was perfect for the piece, and I thank him for it again.

More here as time allows. Thanks for your support. Enjoy.

-Mark and John

© 2017 by Mark Scott