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Enchanting instrumental CD

Indie Artist Mark Scott's instrumental CD was released about three years ago. It is called Elevator, not having as much to do with a vertical conveyence apparatus but rather a state of mind.

What type of music is Elevator? Don't know. Embrace serendipity (random music encounters). Mark has taken lately to calling it "unexpected music". Even if he categorizes it, you won't really know what to expect. It is not any one style. When submitting Elevator to CD Baby and other music sites, after "Title" and "Author" the next thing they ask is: What kind of music is it? Hmmmm... well... it contains elements of Jazz, it is easily Rock but since there are no vocals it could be considered New Age or Ambient, but it may not be that esoteric. It's more like Easy Listening but that isn't right either. To simply call it Instrumental doesn't tell the story.

It is the style of music that Mark composes and, lately, performs at benefits, grand openings, special events, etc. It is universal and accessible for all ages. Mark felt that if this music is what people are enjoying when requesting a CD, that should be what they get. Elevator has some upbeat moments and some quiet, comtemplative sections with transitions between the two that are comfortable and natural - even mathmatical. You tell us what style it is...

Hear some of the songs in their entirety:
    All Fall Down
    How Can I Fall in Love?

Please "like" them or comment, if indeed you do.

Where can you get your copy of Mark's "Elevator" CD?
   Sound Exchange :: Park & 49th St, Pinellas Park
   Dunedin Public Library :: 223 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin
   Online at Spotify
   Clearwater Public Library :: Downtown and Drew Street branches
   Crafty Threads :: Tampa
   Hillsborough County Public Library System (3 locations!)
   Indianapolis Public Library System (2 locations!)
   Cheapest way: Come to a show and buy one from Mark!
   New! Dunedin Fine Arts Center  1143 Michigan Blvd

Elevator may also be ordered in "hard copy" or downloaded as an MP3 album at CD Baby, where it has gained favorable reviews:


Many of the songs have lyrics, which have been posted on this Lyrics page so you can sing along!

Several of them do not have lyrics, so an instrumental CD was a great way to to publish them anyway. Sometimes lyrics are overrated. ;'_ For those songs without words, please FEEL FREE to take a shot at writing some if you are so inclined! Mark has co-written music with lyricist Jasper Hale ("Should've Said No") and singer/songwriter Mark Hallimen ("Everybody Else is Getting Lucky"), and with the right words he would be happy to be a co-writer with YOU!

In any case Elevator is a lovingly-constructed objet d'art, thanks to the fine contributions of co-producer, graphic artist and mastering engineer John Comerford. It will fit nicely in any CD collection. You may find yourself craving it at the oddest times. Put it on for nearly an hour of unassuming, uplifting, atmospheric music filling the backdrop of your everyday. Nice for a jog with the iPod, we've heard.

© 2013, 2017 by Mark Scott