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"Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes)." - Walt Whitman


Here are some of the published works in which Mark Scott has been involved at some level, as Producer (or co-producer), Writer, Musician or Engineer.


Dentist Office Music by Rich Rags
7" EP 33rpm (Orange Records) released Feb 1979

These have sold on ebay for over $300!

The Original by Rich Rags
7" EP 45rpm (Ragdisk Records) released Nov 1980

These too have sold on ebay for over $300! This one seems to be more sought-after, probably because of the short run of them produced - around 200.

The Grown-ups by the Grownups
12" EP 33rpm (Orange Records) released July 1986

Dance with Fire by Rich Rags/Other Artists
Cassette tape (Orange Records) released 1991

First Offense by the Inmates
Cassette (Orange Records) released 1992

War and Anarchy by David Peel and the Lower East Side
Vinyl album and cassette tape (Orange Records) released 1994
Rhythm Guitar

Elevator co-producers John Comerford (left) and Mark Scott
flanking New York City Street Hippie David Peel.

Backtracks Volume I through IV by Mark Scott
21-song CD (Arm's Length Records) released one CD a year from 1999-2003

Elevator by Mark Scott
17-song Ambient music CD (Arm's Length Records) released Nov, 2013

The Grown-ups by Mark Scott
4-song (+Bonus Track) digital Release only Jan 2017 on CDBaby

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