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"The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique." - Isaac Bashevis Singer


Mark Scott has been fortunate to have played, performed and recorded with some very bright and talented people:

Matt and Mark/
Sweet Madness
1976-1978 Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Rock. Matt and Mark (with Nancy) started as a trio just as Mark was hitting his songwriting stride, boldly performed mostly originals at local pubs and parties with good reception. Soon we added bass and eventually drums (with an occasional harmonica player), playing larger clubs and beach bars. We recorded many of these gems in our living room studio, and were featured on a live radio hour (Coffee Break Concert).

WSRZ bumper sticker

Mark: Guitar, bass, mandolin, keyboard, vocals
Matt Carroll: Guitar, mandolin, vocals
Nancy Sebek: Percussion, keyboard, vocals
John Comerford: Bass, sound
Sue Guyez: Drums, percussion
Skip: Harmonica

MattAndMark Pa Mtns

Ri¢h Rag$ 1978-1982 Genre: Rock, Punk (faux), Alternative (before its time). Performed nearly all originals to local acclaim. Rich Rags combined the skills of several talented writers and players, winning performance and songwriting awards and acclaim. In an era where not too many local bands were releasing vinyl, "The Rags" released two records: "Dentist Office Music" (1978) and "The Original" (1980).

Mark: Guitar, keyboard, vocals
Nancy Sebek: Vocals, keyboard, percussion
John Donniacuo: Rhythm and lead guitar
Jeff Levy: Drums, percussion, vocals
Kacy Ross: Guitar, vocals
John Comerford: Bass
Billy McConnell: Bass, vocals
Lee Steel: Guitar, vocals
Chuck Grist: Bass
Roger Monk: Drums
Rich Cress: Guitar

Jeff, Kacy, Billy, Nancy, Mark

aka Mark Scott
1982-present Genre: Rock, Folk, Ambient. As a vehicle for his original writing, Mark recuited musicians and enlisted former bandmates, including wife Nancy, to record and occasionally perform. In 1986 he (with some help from Elevator co-Producer John Comerford) released a 4-song vinyl EP best characterized as Adult Oriented Rock. Live performances were mostly Mark's original music. Mark released four "hand-made" 21-song compilations of his twentieth century works called Backtracks (Vols 1-4) from 1999 to 2003. In the past few years Mark has focused on promoting and performing his rather unique but approachable original compositions on piano as backdrop to special events, benefits, or volunteering. Even more recently he has added vocals to the performances, playing at local venues and events. Hire a classy pianist.

Mark: Guitar, keyboard, vocals.
Nancy Scott: Vocals, keyboard, percussion.
John Comerford: Bass, keys, production
G.W. Rose: Guitar
Rob Wright: Drums
Jeff Levy: Drums, percussion
John Donniacuo: Guitar
Ken Frett: Bass, keyboards

At the garage "studio" in Clearwater ca 1984

The VIPs
1983-1987 Genre: Top 40/Dance/Rock. Played a few Mark Scott originals. Performed at upscale parties and festivals through the Tampa Bay area. We acquired a manager. Mark played bass and lead and harmony vocals. For the dinner part of a wedding event, let's say, Mark would sometimes play solo piano.

Mark: Bass, vocals, piano
Rob Boh: Keyboard
Don Camacho: Drums, percussion
Karen Plount: Vocals, percussion
Gary Pobst: Guitar, backing vocals
Ray Stricek: Tenor and alto sax

Mark, Karen, Rob, Don

Inmates 1987-2004 Genre: Rock/Dance/Alternative. The Inmates never cared for their name, a running inside joke was suggesting new names. Inmates at an asylum (versus a jail). We played about 15% originals, we wrote some together, played several of Mark's and he managed to convince them to cover a few Rich Rags tunes, even though they had not heard of them (us). We played at bars, parties and festivals throughout the Tampa Bay area, opening for major acts, like Boys II Men, REO Speedwagon and BB King. Mark and Wayne took turns on keyboard and bass, which was always fun and changed the musical dynamic. Inmates strove to not play too many popular radio hits, but rather played rare recognizable less-covered AOR gems. Inmates released a cassette of original songs in 1992.

Johnny Johnson: Saxaphone, percussion
Kor Mutlu: Drums, vocals
Mark: Bass, guitar, keyboard, vocals
Paul Silvas: Guitar, vocals
Wayne Hoyle: Bass, Keyboards, vocals

Clockwise from middle: Mark, Kor, Paul, Johnny, Wayne

The Clearwater Chorus 2009-2016 Genre: Classical, Popular, Broadway. Mark and wife Nancy volunteer for this prestigious group sponsored by the reknown (and acoustically exquisite) Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL. We perform on the Ruth Eckerd main stage twice a year, and also at retirement communities, churches and other venues. Mark opened a recent concert with a half hour of his original compositions during seating.

Mark: Tenor and Baritone, guitar, piano, Ensemble
Nancy Scott: Alto, Ensemble.
Ellen Scott: Soprano

Mark, Ellen, Nancy

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