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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift: that's why they call it the present" - Eleanor Roosevelt
    Song from the "Elevator" CD on Arm's Length Records

Mark: This song came to me when my daughter was very little, too small to come running home after being picked on by a bully or supposed "friend", as oft happens. I'm happy to say that I do not recall where I was compelled to literally "brush off the dirt" after an abusive incident, but my experiences had told me it was indeed possible. The latter half of the song is directed at any troubled soul, reminding that life can throw some curve balls and "to thine own self be true". If there is something you don't like about a situation, steady yourself, stay the course and things will improve.

Way of the World

© 2013 by Mark Scott

I wish I could take away your hurt,
Come to my arms little girl,
I’ll dry your eyes, brush off the dirt,
And say “That’s the way of the world”.

Don’t give up,
Life is strange,
If you try,
You can rule the day.

Don't try to save the world,
Just strive to be yourself.

I wish I could give it all to you,
Neat - like a string of pearls,
People do what they want to do,
That’s just the way of the world.
Don’t give up,
Things will change.

© 2017 by Mark Scott