Song from the new CD "Elevator" on Arm's Length Records

I Remember

Mark: The chords and melody line for this song were written a very long time ago, and I immediately dedicated it to my late, loving grandmother Florence, God rest her soul. She was my single largest musical influence (with the later exception of the Beatles) and also endowed upon me a passion and proclivity for vocal harmonies. By ear.

Besides the first line, the lyrics did not come right away - it was difficult to express my feelings about her in words - but they came eventually and are quite satisfactory, including some double entendre. I hope she is proud of it, and of where the affinity for music she instilled has led. I can't wait to sing it for her some day.

© 1977, 2013 Mark A. Scott

I Remember,
So many things about you,
Young forever,
You filled a place in my hungry heart, from the start.

I Remember,
We sang in harmony,
You took the high road,
You showed me there is a world with love, where I belong.

So where are you now,
And will I see you there?
Hope some day to find a way,
To that Promised Land,
If I can.
I remember you.


Tell me where you are,
Because I really want to know,
Is it very far?
And are the roads paved with gold?
Some day I hope to go.
Wait for me,
Watch for me,
I will look for you.
Ohhhh... Ohhhh...

© 2017 by Mark Scott