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"There is no abstract art. You must always start with something." - Pablo Picasso.
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How Can I Fall in Love?

How do I fall in love?
Is there a secret that I must learn?
Is there a corner that I must turn before I do?
Where will I find the one?
The one that is meant for me?
Will I be what they want me to be?
Will they be true?
I wonder,
I want to find love.

When will I fall in love?
I can't wait another day,
If it's as wonderful as they say I want it now.
When will I see the light?
How will I know if they love me too?
And if she doesn't what will I do with myself?
I want to know love.

But I canít understand myself,
How can I fall in love with someone else?
No I donít understand myself,
How can I learn to love someone else?

© 2017 by Mark Scott