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"I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them." - John Stuart Mill
   Song from the "Elevator" CD on Arm's Length Records

Go or Stay

No matter where you grow up, big town, small town, at some point in an anxious life we are likely to want to "get out of Dodge", whether it be for days or for years. And perhaps you may want someone to accompany you on this trek. This song is about that, the exhilaration of change, love and escape.

© 1983, 2013 by Mark Scott

When I want to go,
And I want to take you away,
Can you decide,
To go or stay?
‘Cause I gotta know,
Let me fit you into my world,
Go for a ride,
Come what may,

When I want to go,
And I want to take you along,
Can you deny,
A love so strong?
You’ve spent twenty years, In a town as small as they come,
Now is the time,
To stay or run with me...

It’ll be all right,
Once we’re out of mind,
We’ll be outta sight,

Hey, hey tonight,
In the peace and quiet,
It’ll be real nice,
If your heart will try it,
With me tonight,
Hey, hey tonight,
Won’t you be mine tonight?


I was 28 or 29 when I first put this song together, it was at least partially influenced by a friend's decision to pull up stakes and move far, far away. I was impressed by that bravery and resolve.


As you know if you have looked at other song pages, I have always avoided being too derivative of other artists. But we don't live in a vacuum and when someone says this "sounds like so-and-so" I acknowledge that, but make sure there is no plagarism. Rarely has it been.

This song is upbeat and a lot of fun. Musically it may be remniscent of sixties rock -- nobody in particular.


The beat is a galloping 4/4, but the pivotal trio of oddly-timed chord slams give the song some uniqueness, and sets the stage for the next section. And after the first verse there is that one-time power chord which ushers in the lead. The song starts with the chorus and doesn't get back to it until the end, after which another lead break ensues.


Rich Rags, Rhythm and Blues. Maybe it needs a horn section.


This song should have been on "The Grown-ups" album in 1986 (among others), but financial and time constraints pushed it aside. The working title was, for a long time, "Tonight", but that's just too generic. "Go or Stay" was always fun to play. I believe it made it onto Backtracks Vol 1 with GW Rose on lead, was happily played with the Inmates and is still a favorite when playing my singer/songwriter fare.
© 2017 by Mark A Scott