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"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us: what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike
    Song from the Elevator CD on Arm's Length Records

A Part of Life

  Preview A Part of Life now:

Mark: This song came to me when I learned I was to be a father. It was welcome news, but it had been a long time since I had been around babies, and naturally I was nervous about much of it. It turns out loving and caring came easily, and it is the most important and rewarding thing I have ever done.

My band The Inmates used to perform this for the occasional slow dance, and for the longest time "A Part of Life" was just four verses (three singing, one lead). Recently, while contemplating its inclusion on "Elevator", I felt it needed something to break it up, and the refrain fell into place, musically and lyrically: "Mother, Father, Daughter, Son." Yep, that'd be us.

© 1985, 2013 by Mark Scott

It's a long, long road,
For such a heavy load,
But it's all A Part of Life,
And it's all a part of love.

I'm trying hard to find,
Something I left behind,
But the light I see in you,
It brings out the love in me.

Mother, Father,
Daughter, Son.


All I can do is try,
Show you the love inside,
Yes it's all a part of love,
And it's all A Part of Life.

Mother, Father,
Daughter, Son.


On a related note (and little hidden gem - thanks for looking) Mark wrote a children's song tentatively for a national compilation, the status of which is currently open. Yes, it has lyrics, however it has not been festidiously produced like the "Elevator" CD. Check out this "rough mix" of "Go Plant a Tree". Yea, singing (by Nancy and Mark)!

© 2017 by Mark Scott